HiPP Cereal Oat Pap 200g - BIO: Organic Baby cereal. Baby's first oat. No added sugars. From 4 months.

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Organic Baby Cereal. Baby's first oat. No added sugars. From 4 months. Without milk, added flavouring, colouring agents and added preservatives. With vitamin B that supports the nervous system and valuable, easily digestible cereal (contains gluten).


Directions For Use - Preparation of a half-milk cereal:

Pour 100ml full cream milk + 100ml water into a pot and bring it to the boil. Let it cool down to about 50° C (for perfect solubility do not use too hot water for preparing the cereal). Put 3-4 tablespoons (20g) of HiPP Baby's first Oat into a dish, add liquid and stir. Let it swell until it reaches the required consistency. Check the temperature.


Important Information:

- For the sake of your baby's health it is important to carefully follow the instructions for preparation and the quantities indicated.

- Always feed your baby the cereal with a spoon. Prepare fresh cereal for each meal.

- Close the opened sachet tightly after each use, store in a dry and hygienic place at room temperature and use contents within 3-4 weeks.

- Please do not warm up the cereal in the microwave oven (danger of scalding!).

- Ensure regular dental care from your baby's first tooth onwards.

- Please pay attention to your baby's balanced diet and healthy way of living.