L'OREAL PARIS WRINKLE EXPERT RESTORING CREAM 55+: Αddresses the specific mature skin needs.

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After the age of 55, the skin can lack vital nourishment, wrinkles become more apparent and skin feels dry. L’Oréal Paris WRINKLE EXPERT ANTI-WRINKLE RESTORING CREAM 55+, addresses these specific mature skin needs. TRIPLE ACTION: 1. REPLUMPS WRINKLES Replumps skin with moisture. Wrinkles appear reduced. Skin looks firmer. 2. IMPROVES ELASTICITY Skin feels firmer with improved elasticity. 3. REHYDRATES AND RESTORES Skin is intensely infused with hydration. It feels nourished, more comfortable and restored with moisture. The formula enriched with Calcium helps to restore the skin’s barrier function by increasing epidermal lipids.