WELEDA Set Birch Cellulite Oil + Peeling with Free Special Cup For Massage

WELEDA Set Birch Cellulite Oil + Peeling with Free Special Cup For Massage: Set for natural treatment of cellulite skin.

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The set includes:


Weleda Peeling Birch 150 ml: Creamy shower gel - Peeling with natural thin waxy pearls from carnauba and wax, gently massage the skin, effectively remove dead cells, help with blood circulation and support the natural regeneration of the skin. It instantly improves the appearance of the skin and smoothes from the very first application leaving the skin silky.  


Weleda Birch Oil 100 ml: An extract from young organic birch leaves, which helps to combat fluid retention in combination with rosemary extract that stimulates the circulatory system, wheat sprout oils and apricot pips, jojoba oil and rich blend of essential oils, compose an innovative product for the effective treatment of cellulite. Birch oil dramatically prevents the creation of cellulite where predisposed, while substantially improving the texture of the skin in the places that has already manifested itself. Smoothing and tightening of the skin is achieved in just a few weeks.


- Convenient gift bag with free special cup for massage: The application of Weleda Peeling properly prepares the skin for the application of birch oil, while the use of the special cup for massage maximizes the results and drastically reduces fluid retention and cellulite.