QUEST Cholesterol Biotix, 30 Caps: Food supplement that helps maintain normal blood cholesterol levels.

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Quest Cholesterol Biotix Provides a unique combination of probiotic bacteria, plant sterols, red yeast rice extract (monacolin-K) and coenzyme Q10. A daily intake of at least 800mg of plant sterols helps maintain normal blood cholesterol levels.


High cholesterol is a risk factor in the development of coronary heart disease. A beneficial effect is obtained with a daily intake of 10 mg of monacolin K from fermented red yeast rice preparations.


Contains no hydrogenated fat, animal substances, artificial preservatives, colours or flavours, added sucrose, lactose or salt, wheat or gluten.


Composition features:

- Ideal for people who want to lower their cholesterol

- The one that combines plant sterols with extract of red yeast rice, the Q10 and probiotics

- Suitable for vegetarians and vegans ? Does not contain dairy ingredients (lactose)

- In DR caps which release the active ingredient directly in the intestine


Directions for Use:

Take 2 capsules daily with or after a meal and swallow with water.


Content - Amount per Capsule:

- Plant Sterols (Phytosterols) 400mg ? Concentrated Red Yeast Rice Extract 115mg

- Providing Monacolin-K 3.45mg

- Co-Enzyme Q10 10mg

- Lactobacilli Culture 12mg

- Providing L. rhamnosus & L. bulgaricus 1 Billion