Naviblef Eye Foam 50ml: Eyelid and Eyelashes Cleansing Foam.

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Foam for the mechanical removal of the ocular secretions of the eyelids and eyelashes, caused by inflammatory conditions due to blepharitis and blepharo-conjuctivitis or to post ocular surgery. Bottle of 50 ml with a foam dispenser (no gas). For topical use only.


Naviblef is also recommended for the daily hygiene and removal of the ocular secretions from the eyelids of contact lens wearers. Naviblef can help reduce the risk of infections caused by bacteria present on eyelids and eyelashes, during the preparation for ocular surgery. Naviblef is a non-greasy and non-irritant formulation, for topical use, which removes effectively the mucus, ocular secretions and organic residues of exudates that settle at the base of the lashes keeping them in optimal physiological conditions. Naviblef removes secretions from the eyelids that can be colonised by bacteria.



Prior to use, wash your hands and then clean the fingertips with Naviblef foam. Press the delivery pump and place the foam on the clean fingertip. When used before or after surgery it is recommended to place the foam on a sterile gauze. Close the eyes and massage the eyelids and eyelashes with Naviblef foam. Do not touch or open the eyes during the application. Leave the foam for approximately 60 to 80 seconds and use it 2 to 3 times a day for a period of 7 days, for maximum efficacy. After each application rinse the eyelashes and eyelids with warm water avoiding home-made solutions.


Special recommendations:

Wash your hands prior to use. Remove contact lenses prior to use. Keep your eyes closed during application. The product is intended for application on eyelids and eyelashes, do not apply in the eye. For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. Do not use for children under 3 years. Store product in a clean, fresh and dry place under 35C. Use hypoallergenic eye makeup and delicate skin lotions around your eyes during the treatment. Do not use in case of known hypersensitivity to one of the constituents of the product. Do not use the product after 6 months from opening.