WELEDA Hand Cream Pomegranate 50ml: Protects ageing skin from environmental damage.

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Protects ageing skin from environmental damage. The tender touch of organic pomegranate seed oil for capable, hard-working hands.


Everyone needs a touch of kindness and that includes your hands, so why not reward them with some pomegranate love and care? Swiftly-absorbed Pomegranate Regenerating Hand Cream protects your hands against the drying effects of water, free-radicals and dry air, with a luxurious blend of organic pomegranate seed oil, shea butter, sesame oil and golden millet extract. Slack skin becomes firm, dryness disappears and capable hands are helped back to their soft and supple best.


Suitable for vegans.


How to use:

Massage gently into hands, especially after washing and outdoor work.