Coldisol Throat Spray 30ml: Coldisol Throat Spray gives instant relief and reduces the duration of a sore throat.

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Coldisol is a throat spray that treats the sore throat in a very effective and safe way. It is developed based on a unique ingredient LyForte™, a natural active ingredient that disarms bacteria and prevents adhesion of the bacteria to the throat. Coldisol gives instant relief and shortens the duration of the sore throat.


Coldisol contains the active ingredient LyForte™. Other ingredients are: Aqua, Fennel, Manuka Honey, Eucalyptus Oil, Menthol, Tween 20, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Chloride.


The easy-to-use nozzle allows you to spray Coldisol in the designated area in the throat. Start using Coldisol, preferably, when you experience the first symptoms of a sore throat. The Coldisol package consists of a 30ML (150 sprays) bottle with special nozzle.


Directions for use:

1. Turn the nozzle upright; 2. Check the proper function of the product by spraying in the air once; 3. Insert the nozzle into the mouth and point the nozzle towards the back of the throat. Spray 2 to 3 times each time using Coldisol; 4. Put the nozzle back in the vertical position and clean the nozzle.


Dosage Instructions:

For Adults (13 years and older): 2 sprays every 2-3 hours or when required. Do not use more than 8 times a day.

For Children 4-12 years: 1 spray every of 2-3 hours or when required. Do not use more than 8 times a day.


How to store Coldisol: Store in the original carton and in a cool dry place. Do not store above 25 degrees Celsius. Keep away from fire, flames or excessive heat. Keep out of reach of children.