Frezyderm Anti-Ageing Instant Lifting Serum, 15ml

Frezyderm Anti-Ageing Instant Lifting Serum, 15ml: Action from the first 5 minutes. Parabens and fragrance free. Suitable for wrinkled skin, relaxed facial contour, all skin types.

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An instant face lifting serum for an instantly younger-looking face. The skin tightening serum uses a marine biopolymer to form an invisible mask which smooths and lifts the skin. Wrinkles are softened, loose skin is tightened and skin gains elasticity and radiance. This fast acting lifting serum is the ultimate alternative to face lift surgery. Dermatologically tested.



Wrinkled skin, relaxed facial contour, for all skin types.



Apply to the face onto clean and dry skin, working it in with your fingertips in gentle, straight movements towards the hairline, without massage or rubbing. Avoid intense facial movements, such as chewing or laughing, for 10 minutes after application. You can apply other skincare or make up after 15 minutes.



1) Marine Biopolymer: Firming | Restoration of skin elasticity | Reduction of loose skin | Reinforcement of connective tissue; 2) Soft focus powder: Wrinkle softening.