Hipp Anti-Reflux Organic Special Formula, 300g: Organic Special Formula, in cases of increased burping & spitting up. Especially creamy, with locust bean gum. From birth onwards, easily digestible. To be used only under medical supervision.

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HiPP AR Organic Special Formula helps in cases of increased burping and spitting up. The addition of the natural thickening agent locust bean gum makes HiPP AR Organic Special Formula particularly creamy, making it easier for the food to remain in baby’s stomach. This helps to prevent the food from coming back up into baby’s oesophagus (reflux) thus reducing burping and spitting up. Only feed AR formulae after consulting with your paediatrician.


For the healthy development of your baby HiPP AR Organic Special Formula additionally contains:

1. All the essential nutrients.

2. Natural lactic acid cultures that were originally isolated from breast milk. Breast milk contains a large number of natural cultures that may differ individually.

3. LCP: ARA and DHA (omega-6 & omega-3 fatty acids) are particularly important during the first months of life, since at this age babies are unable to produce sufficient LCP’s by themselves.



HiPP AR Organic Special Formula is suited as dietary treatment for increased spitting up or burping in infants and may be used from birth onward for the exclusive nutrition of your baby. Locust bean gum is a valuable, natural dietary fibre. For this reason, you may notice softer stools when switching over to HiPP AR Organic Special Formula.