HiPP Junior Combiotic 3, 350g: Ideally suited for children from 1 year as a milky drink for breakfast, with muesli, as an evening meal or simply for in-between. 

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Ideally suited for children from 1 year as a milky drink for breakfast, with muesli, as an evening meal or simply for in-between. HiPP Junior Combiotic 3 can be given after any follow-on milk.


For healthy development, PROBIOTIK®, PRAEBIOTIK®, Vitamin D for bones. Protein-reduced to suit children’s needs.



Please pay careful attention to the instructions when preparing Hipp Junior Combiotic 3. Incorrect preparation can be harmful to health, e.g. due to undesired bacterial growth. For this reason, always prepare the formula from scratch before every meal and feed immediately. Do not re-use leftovers. Close the opened can tightly after every use, store in a dry place at room temperature (max. 25 °C) and use up within 3 weeks. Please do not warm up milk formula in the microwave oven (danger of scalding).


1. Boil fresh drinking-water and leave it to cool down to approx. 40-50 °C*.

2. Pour required amount of water, cold or warm, into a (sippy) cup.

3. Fill the measuring spoon loosely and level with the back of a knife. Add recommended amount of powder.

4. Stir and, if necessary, check whether it has cooled down to drinking temperature (approx. 37 °C). * To prevent the natural lactic acid cultures (lactobacilli) from being harmed, please do not prepare formula with too hot water.


Drinking amount & dosing:

A daily drinking amount of 2 portions of HiPP Junior Combiotic 3 is recommended. The mentioned drinking amount and the number of portions per day are guideline values. Your child does not necessarily have to empty the cup completely. Please use the enclosed measuring spoon only. Use 30 ml boiled water per measuring spoon.


Product characteristics:

Children from 1 year still have special nutritional needs. HiPP Junior Combiotic 3 contains essential nutrients for growth in exactly those quantities your child needs now: protein-reduced to suit children’s needs, essential vitamins and minerals for healthy growth. So, HiPP Junior Combiotic 3 contains e.g. valuable iron and vitamin D that contributes to normal development of bones and teeth.


Additionally HiPP Junior Combiotic 3 contains: PROBIOTIK® Natural lactic acid cultures, PRAEBIOTIK® Important dietary fibres (GOS*): when consumed on a daily basis, prebiotic dietary fibres promote a healthy intestinal flora.

* galacto-oligosaccharides – derived from lactose.