VEET FACIAL HAIR REMOVAL STRIPS, NORMAL SKIN, 20 PCS: Facial hair removal strips for normal skin, 20 pieces. Cold wax with shea butter and berry aroma.

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VEET facial hair removal strips for normal skin, 20 pieces. Suitable for the treatment of hair in the sensitive area of the face (upper lip, cheeks, chin).


Cold wax enriched with shea butter which is known for its moisturizing properties and berry flavor that provides a pleasant smell during hair removal.


Quite easy to use thanks to the specially designed handle which helps to achieve a better hair removal technique with an easy move for results that last up to four weeks.


Suitable even for the shortest hairs, while frequent use gradually leads to the emergence of fewer, more fine and soft hair. Contains 20 strips ready for use and 4 moisturizing wipes.