VEET FACE STRIPS, NORMAL SKIN, 32 PCS: Face Wax Strips for hair removal. Suitable for normal skin.

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VEET Face Wax Strips for hair removal, suitable for normal skin, including 32 strips. With Shea Butter and Acai Berry Scent. Dermatologically tested product. Removes hair from the root, leaving you skin soft for up to 28 days! It gives confidence for great results from the first time used, even for those who have no experience with wax strips.


The strips are designed to allow accurate application, making them ideal for small and sensitive areas such as your upper lip, cheeks and chin. Its special composition contains Shea Butter known for its moisturizing properties and acai berry to match normal skin. Enjoy the pleasant gel texture on the skin, the pleasant acai scent and the beautiful color! The pack contains 32 wax strips and 4 Perfect Finish wipes.