Frezyderm Baby A.B.C.C., 50ml: Emollient oil to remove infant cradle cap.

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Emollient oil by Frezyderm for cradle cap removal occurring in infants. Improves the imperfect functioning of the infant skin through its Vitamin E-enriched formula. Softens and removes cradle cap, has anti-irritant and antiseptic action and respects the physiology of infant skin. Cradle cap is excessive sebum secretion caused by the intense activity of the sebaceous glands. It comprises of yellowish, greasy, skin flakes that are hard to detach from the scalp and it's common in 2 out of 3 infants. Parabens and odor free. Dermatologically tested.



Apply with a light massage on the points where cradle cap have been appeared and leave on for 30-60 minutes, until tender and easily removed. Then wash with baby shampoo.



Chamomile oil: Healing, alleviating, antiphlogistic effect / Α-bisabolol: Anti-irritant, antiseptic effect / Vitamin Ε: Regulation of sebum secretion - Improvement of the imperfect functioning of the infant skin - Maintains skin moisture.