Frezyderm Baby Foam, 150ml: Gentle cleansing foam for the baby skin.

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Gentle cleansing foam by Frezyderm for the daily hygiene of the baby skin. Offers efficient cleansing without irritations and enhances the hydrolipid film creating a protective shield against external factors.


Its moisturizing, emollient and anti-inflammatory ingredients hydrate, care and sooth the baby's sensitive and irritated skin. Thanks to a special pump, the foam is ready to provide easy, quick and efficient cleaning.


No need for rubbing or sponge. Can be rinsed off easily with water or removed with a handkerchief. It's ideal for outdoor usage in case of a local cleaning, i.e. for diaper changing and handwashing. Alcohol, propellant and parabens free.



Babies - Topical cleansing without rinsing - Hand cleaning (school, play) - Patient cleaning (incontinence diapers) - Wounds.



Push the pump and apply the rich foam on the area that you want to clean. Removed with water or a handkerchief.



Mild surfactants: Efficient cleansing without irritation / Chamomile extract: Anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant effect / Wheat proteins: Reinforcement of the hydrolipid film - Minimize the damaging effects from external factors / Hydrating, emollient and anti-inflammatory ingredients: Healing and anti-irritant effect.