Frezyderm Baby Bath, 200ml + 100ml Free: Everyday gentle body wash for the bath that does not sting the eyes.

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Gentle body wash by Frezyderm for the daily bath that respects the pH, normal skin flora and skin barrier. With pH 7,1 compatible with the tears of an infant that does not sting the eyes.


Thanks to its mild surfactants, it offers cleansing without irritation. Its enriched composition with almond esters ensure the relipidation of the skin and the maintenance of the skin barrier intact.


In addition, its chamomile extract offers anti-irritant and antiphlogistic protection while wheat proteins, with their emollient and moisturizing properties, enhance the hydrolipid film. Soap, odor and parabens free. Dermatologically and Ophthalmologically tested. 



Carefully holding the baby with one hand, pour a small amount of baby bath and clean gently its body emphasizing among aspects. Rinse it with low water pressure either with the shower head or with a glass.



Mild surfactants: Cleansing without irritation / Chamomile extract: Antiphlogistic and anti-irritant effect / Wheat proteins: Reinforcement of the hydrolipid film - Emollient and moisturizing properties / Almond esters: Relipidate the skin - Maintain the skin barrier intact.