Frezyderm Baby Chamomile Bath, 200ml: Flowing solution for the relief and care of irritated and sensitive skin.

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Flowing solution by Frezyderm for the relief and care of irritated and sensitive skin. It is suitable for infants, children and even adults who suffer from dry skin, urticaria, exanthematous diseases of childhood and irritations of all kinds.


Its innovative formula with chamomile extract, aloe vera and anti-inflammatory ingredients relieves skin irritation and inflammation, heals, soothes and protects skin against inflammation. It also improves infant skin function. With neutral pH. Parabens free.



Dissolve 25ml (3 tbsp) in lukewarm water. The affected area should remain in the solution for a few minutes. Do not rinse.



High in chamomile extract: Antiphlogistic, anti-irritant effect / Aloe: Prevention of inflammation / Β-glycyrrhetinate acid: Anti-inflammatory, healing, emollient effects / Anti-inflammatory ingredients: Alleviating properties.